RACING 21: Škoda WRC, rally, team, Štajf, Klokočka, Racing 21, rally rider Škoda RACING 21: Škoda WRC, rally, team, Štajf, Klokočka, Racing 21, rally rider Škoda
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Partners RACING 21 Rally Team The importer of vehicles from the Volkswagen group has been operating on the Czech market since autumn 1991, when the company Importér Volkswagen/Audi was founded. The company soon established itself on the market, and within a short period became a leading importer of automobiles onto the Czech market. An important milestone was reached in 1998 with the foundation of the new company Import VOLKSWAGEN Group s.r.o. (IVG), which is organised in 4 divisions: Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Volkswagen commercial vehicles. Since the start of 2012 the company has been incorporated into the structure of Porsche Holding Salzburg within the Volkswagen group. Volkswagen ČR has long been the most successful importer of new vehicles on the domestic market.


Partners RACING 21 Rally Team Autosalon Klokočka is one of the largest authorised distributor and service centre of the makes Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Volkswagen vans and Kia in the Czech Republic. It is also one of the largest dealers of used vehicles in the programmes ŠKODA Plus and Das Welt Auto with its own showroom for nearly new vehicles. For 30 years it has provided a high standard of services and individual approach to each customer. You can find branches of Autosalon Klokočka in Prague in Řepy and Barrandov.

Volkswagen Financial Services - Main partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team This company is a leading finance company specialising in sales support for the dealership network of the makes Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Porsche, DUCATI and the group's used automobiles. It offers products in the field of credit, financial leasing, operative leasing, insurance and services for private persons, businessmen and firms, both for the group's vehicles - i.e., financing for group's makes, and for other vehicles on the market. Volkswagen Financial Services is a part of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. Since its foundation in 1992 the company has been the number one on the Czech market for the financing of passenger and commercial vehicles, and it is also the number one in operative leasing.

Volkswagen original parts - Main partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team Safe, high quality parts adapted precisely in terms of dimensions to Volkswagen make vehicles. Thanks to Volkswagen® Original parts owners of this make's vehicles have a guarantee of safety and comfort on the road after a repair or servicing inspection - and their Volkswagen also remains a 100% original. Volkswagen® Original parts are always available, not just for a limited period, but year round. You will be able to get parts prepared for fitting for 15 years after a model goes out of mass production.

Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s - Main partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team For 60 years the company Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s. has been specialising in the development, design, production and assembly of fixed overhead power lines for railways and urban public transport. The most important product consists of overhead power lines for rail, tram and trolleybus transport. Another important field of activity of the company are deliveries of electrical engineering units for electric transport in the form of traction power substations, converter substations, switching stations, transformer stations and electrical heating equipment. The company is constantly undergoing a systematic and comprehensive modernisation, making it one of the most important suppliers in the field of railway infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

SETKÁNÍ - Media partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team We supply life-style motoring magazine SeTKání free of charge to the network of more than 300 Technical Inspection Centres throughout the entire Czech Republic. Four times a year you will find in it practical information about automobiles, hot news of the given period, the driving experiences of famous personalities, view of roads in neighbouring and far distant countries, and interesting articles about important Czech photographers. In addition there are competitions for great prizes, crosswords, and posters of global and Czech stars from the world of racing.


Partners RACING 21 Rally Team APM Automotive s.r.o. (up to 2007 Autoprogress – Markmiller APM – Automotive s.r.o. ) supplies the Czech market with a wide range of spare parts for passenger cars, vans and lorries. Over more than two decades of successful trading and development it has gained a stable status and is one of the most important importers of spare parts on this market. Throughout the entire Czech Republic it has nearly thirty of its own branches and thousands of partners amongst car servicing centres and car parts sellers.

BG Products, Inc. - partner

Partneři RACING 21 Rally Teamu The company BG Products, Inc. was founded in the USA in 1971. It develops and manufactures unique special chemical-technological fluids for professional maintenance of a vehicle fleet in close cooperation with leading automobile manufacturers. Products from BG Products extend vehicle life, restore original performance and reduce operating costs. The company is a trailblazer in the field of the non-dismantle cleaning of injectors, DPF particulate filters and general deposit control of engines and transmissions. The company I.O.B., spol. s r.o. is the exclusive distributor of American products from BG Products on the Czech and Slovak market.

Central European Brokers - partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team The company C.E.B - Central European Brokers is involved in brokering insurance with registrations of insurance broker and agent. The registered capital of CZK 2 million is paid up 100%. It has insurance brokering contracts concluded with all the significant insurance companies, which guarantees the ensuring of the very best conditions and complete independence.

Das WeltAuto - partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team Das WeltAuto is a global programme for the sale of used vehicles of the makes Volkswagen passenger cars, SEAT and Volkswagen vans through central support from the part of the Volkswagen concern. On the Czech market customers can choose from a wide range of several thousand inspected, high-quality, reliable used vehicles, and not only of makes from the concern. The purchase and sale of a used vehicle in the Das WeltAuto network is fully comparable with the purchase of a new vehicle from authorised sellers thanks to the thoroughly trained sellers and above standard customer services.

iFLEET - partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team FLEET is a specialist expert magazine of the "business-to-business" type for the field of the administration and management of vehicle fleets. Over its ten years on the Czech market FLEET has become an acknowledged and sought-after source of information for Czech fleet managers and other leading workers of domestic firms.

MOTUL - partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team The manufacturing culture of the firm Motul - deeply ingrained in its history through the search for new and innovative, effective, higher-performance lubricants - has led the company to a natural adoption of the principles of a quality control system. For many years the customers have appreciated the high quality and remarkable performance of products from the firm Motul. This success is based on their perfect composition and development, and also the production processes. websites

PIRELLI - partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team Pirelli is the fifth largest manufacturer of tyres in the world, founded in 1872. In addition to premium, high-quality sports tyres, the Italian manufacturer has also historically been involved in motor sport. Since 2011 it has been the exclusive supplier of Formula 1 tyres. The company also has a rich history in rally, where Pirelli products are amongst the best at all levels of automobile competitions. websites

P.W.I. CZ SECURITY - partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team The firm has had orders for security services to protect the meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Prague, security for the meeting of NATO member states in Prague, security for unofficial visits in the Czech Republic, security for VIP events of global and Czech celebrities. In these orders we were capable of providing both personal protection and security for buildings, including dog handlers, and the ensuring of transport according to client requirements by chauffeured limousines. Another of our prestigious orders is nationwide activity in the international trading company Intersport since 2009, ensuring security for retail chain of Austrian company INTERSPORT with representation in the Czech Republic.

SPEDICA - partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team The SPEDICA GROUP is a modern and dynamic group of companies specializing in domestic and international transport and logistics. Our company philosophy is focused on providing high quality, flexible, and financially attractive services with one goal in mind: to always meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations.

STANDOX - partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team The company Standox, one of the global brands of the Axalta group in the field of surface repairs, supports its customers with the excellent quality of its products and professional consultation in the area of painting of surfaces. As a leading European brand for automobile repair from Wuppertal in Germany, Standox is one of the leading European manufacturers of paint systems , and it offers innovative and ecologically compatible systems throughout the world. Since 1992 the company SERVIND has been the exclusive distributor of Standox high-quality car-repair paints in the Czech Republic. Currently Standox products are the largest trade commodity of this distribution firm.


Partners RACING 21 Rally Team We are an agency which deals with the needs of customers in the field of asset protection and in particular protection against the risks which they are exposed to in this context. We are aware that the needs and requirements of business partners differ, and we are capable of adapting to them. In our agency we have reduced the number of managing links to the minimum, and so we are capable of reacting flexibly to individual client requirements. This also results in our favourable prices. We are operative and flexible in problem solving.

WINMAX - partner

Partners RACING 21 Rally Team Winmax is a Japanese brand with a rich history founded in 1960, although still somewhat unknown in Europe. But in the Asia-Pacific region it has long been one of the leaders in brake pads for high-performance cars. It manufactures brake pads for road use, various applications for a wide range of disciplines from hill-climb racing, circuits, drifts, long-distance marathons to rallies. Winmax always knows how to offer several compounds depending on the type of race car or driving style of the drivers. websites

RACING 21: Partners - Škoda WRC, rally, team, Štajf, Klokočka, Racing 21, rally rider Škoda


RACING 21: Partneři - Škoda WRC, rally, team, Štajf, Klokočka, Racing 21, rally rider Škoda RACING 21: Partneři - Škoda WRC, rally, team, Štajf, Klokočka, Racing 21, rally rider Škoda RACING 21: Partneři - Škoda WRC, rally, team, Štajf, Klokočka, Racing 21, rally rider Škoda RACING 21: Partneři - Škoda WRC, rally, team, Štajf, Klokočka, Racing 21, rally rider Škoda RACING 21: Partneři - Škoda WRC, rally, team, Štajf, Klokočka, Racing 21, rally rider Škoda

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